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Pokemon Toàn tập (Link Mediafire)

Pokemon Episodes HQ

Season 1-Indigo League
01-Pokemon, I Choose You!
02-Pokemon Emergency
03-Ash Catches A Pokemon
04-Challenge Of The Samurai
05-Showdown In Pewter City

06-Clefairy And The Moon Stone
07-The Water Flowers Of Curulean City
08-The Path To The Pokemon League
09-The School Of Hard Knocks
10-Bulbasaur And The Hidden Village
11-The Stray Charmander
12-Here Come The Squirtle Squad
13-Mystery At The Lighthouse
14-Electric Shock Showdown
15-Battle Aboard The SS.Anne
16-Pokemon Shipwreck
17-Island Of The Giant Pokemon
18-Beauty And The Beach
19-Tentacool And Tentacruel
20-The Ghost Of Maiden's Peak
21-Bye Bye Butterfree
22-Abra And The Psychic Showdown
23-The Tower Of Terror
24-Haunter VS Kadabra
25-Primeape Goes Bananas
26-Pokemon Scent-Sation
27-Hypno's Naptime
28-Pokemon Fashion-Flash
29-The Punchy Pokemon
30-Sparks Fly For Magnemite
31-Dig Those Digglet
32-Ninja-Poke Showdown
33-Flame Pokemon-athon
34-The Kangaskhan Kid
35-The Bridge Bike Gang
36-Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
37-Pikachu's Goodbye
38-The Battling Eevee Brothers
39-Wake Up Snorlax
40-Showdown At Dark City
41-March Of The Exeggutor Squad
42-The Problem With Paras
43-The Song Of Jigglypuff
44-Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon
45-A Chansey Operation
46-Holy Matrimony
47-So Near, Yet So Farfethed
48-Who Gets To Keep Togepi
49-Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
50-Princess Versus Princess
51-The Purr-fect Hero
52-Case Of The K-9 Capers
53-Pokemon Paparazzi
54-The Ultimate Test
55-The Breeding Centre Secret
56-Pokemon Riddle Me This
57-Volcanic Panic
58-Beach Blank-Out Blastoise
59-The Misty Mermaid
60-Clefairy Tales
61-The Battle Of The Badge
62-It's Mr. Mime Time
63-Holiday Hi-Jynx
64-Snow Way Out
65-Showdown At The Poke Corral
66-The Evolution Solution
67-The Pi-Kahuna
68-Make Room For Gloom
69-Lights, Camera, Quacktion!
70-Go West, Young Meowth
71-To Master The Onix-Pected
72-The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokemopolis
73-Bad To The Bone
74-All Fired Up
75-Round One--Begin!
76-Fire And Ice
77-Fourth Round Rumble
78-A Friend In Deed
79-Friend Or Foe Alike
80-Friends To The End
81-Pallet Party Panic
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Season 2-Orange Islands
82-A Scare In The Air
83-Pokeball Peril
84-The Lost Lapras
85-Fit To Be Tide
86-Pikachu Re-Volts
87-The Crystal Onix
88-In The Pink
89-Shell Shock
90-Stage Fight
91-Bye Bye Psyduck
92-The Joy Of Pokemon
93-Navel Maneuvers
94-Snack Attack!
95-A Shipful Of Shivers
96-Meowth Rules!
97-Tracey Gets Bugged
98-A Way Off, Day Off
99-The Mandarin Island Miss Match
100-Wherfor Art Thou, Pokemon?
101-Get Along Little Pokemon
102-The Mystery Menace
103-Misty Meets Her Match!
104-Bound For Trouble
105-Charizard Chills
106-Pokemon Water War
107-Pokemon Food Fight
108-Pokemon Double Trouble
109-The Wacky Watcher
110-The Stun Spore Detour
111-Hello Pummelo
112-Enter The Dragonite
113-Viva Las Lapras
114-The Underground Roundup
115-A Tents Situation
116-The Rivalry Revival
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Season 3-Johto League
117-Don't Touch That 'Dile
118-The Double Trouble Header
119-A Sappy Ending
120-Roll On, Pokemon
121-Illusion Confusion
122-Flower Power
123-Spinarak Attack
124-Snubbull Snobbery
125-Little Big Horn
126-Chickorita Rescue
127-Once In A Blue Moon
128-The Whistle Stop
129-Ignorance Is Blissey
130-A Bout With A Spout
131-Fighting Flyer With Fire
132-For Crying Out Loud
133-Tanks Alot
134-Charizard's Burning Ambition
135-Grin To Win
136-Chikorita's Big Upset
137-Foul Weather Friends
138-The Superhero Secret
139-Mild'n Wooly
140-Wired For Battle
141-Good 'Quil Hunting
142-A Shadow Of A Drought
143-Goin' Apricorn
144-Gettin' The Bugs Out
145-A Farfetch'd Tale
146-Tricks Of The Trade
147-The Fire-ring Squad
148-No Big Woop
149-Tunnel Vision
150-Hour Of The Houndour
151-The Totodile Duel
152-Hot Matches
153-Love, The Totodile Style
154-Fowl Play
155-Forest Grumps
156-The Psychic Sidekicks
157-The Fortune Hunters
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Season 4-Johto League Champions
158-A Goldenrod Oppertunity
159-A Dairy Tale Ending
160-Air Time
161-The Bug Stops Here
162-Type Casting
163-Fossil Fools
164-Carrying On
165-Hassle In The Castle
166-Two Hits And A Miss
167-A Hot Water Battle
168-Hook, Line And Stinker
169-Beauty And The Breeder
170-A Better Pill To Swallow
171-Power Play
172-Mountain Time
174-Imitation Confrontation
175-Trouble With Snubbull
176-Ariados Amigos
177-Wings 'N' Things
178-The Grass Rout
179-The Apple Corp
180-Howl Of The Houndoom
181-A Ghost Of A Chance
182-From Ghost To Ghost
183-Trouble's Brewing
184-All That Glitters
185-The Light Fantastic
187-Moving Pictures
188-Spring Fever
189-Freeze Frame
190-The Stolen Stones
191-The Dunsparce Deception
192-The Wayward Wobbuffet
193-Sick Days
194-The Ring Masters
195-The Poke-Spokes Person
196-Control Freak
197-The Art Of Pokemon
198-The Heartbreak Of Brock
199-Current Events
200-Turning Over A New Bayleef
201-Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
202-The Big Balloon Blow-Up
203-The Sreen Actor's Guilt
204-Right On, Rhydon
205-The Kecleon Kaper!
206-The Joy Of Water Pokemon
207-Got Miltank?
208-Fight For The Light
209-Machoke, Machoke Man
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Season 5-Master Quest
210-Around the Whirlpool
211-Fly Me To The Moon
212-Takin' It On The Chinchou!
213-The Corsola Caper
214-Mantine Overboard!
215-Octillery The Outcast!
216-Dueling Heroes
217-The Perfect Match
218-Plant It Now...Diglett Later
219-Hi Ho Silver...Away!
220-The Mystery Is History
221-A Parent Trapped!
222-A Promise Is A Promise
223-Throwing In The Noctowl
224-Nerves Of Steelix
225-Bulbasaur...The Ambassadour!
226-Espeon Not Included!
227-For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll
228-Extreme Pokemon!
229-An Egg-Sighting Adventure!
230-Hatching A Plan
231-Due's And Dont's
232-Just Waiting On A Friend
233-A Tyrogue Full Of Trouble
234-Xatu The Future
235-Talkin' 'Bout An Evolution
236-Rage Of Innocence
237-Cold As Pryce!
238-Nice Pryce Baby
239-Whichever Way The Wind Blows
240-Some Like It Hot!
241-Hocus Pokemon
242-As Clear As Crystal
243-Same Old Song And Dance
244-Enlighten Up!
245-Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?
246-Wish Upon A Star Shape
247-Outrageous Fortunes
248-One Trick Phoney!
249-I Politoed You So!
250-Beauty Is Skin Deep
251-Fangs For Nothin'
252-Great Bowls Of Fire
253-Better Eight Than Never
254-Why? Whynaut!
255-Just Add Water
256-Lapras Of Luxury
257-Hatch Me If You Can!
258-Entei At Your Own Risk
259-A Crowning Achievement
260-Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid!
261-You're A Star, Larvitar
262-Address Unown!
263-Mother Of All Battles!
264-Pop Goes The Sneasel!
265-A Claim To Flame!
266-Love, Pokemon Style!
267-Tie One On
268-The Ties That Bind
269-Can't Beat The Heat
270-Playing With Fire
271-Johto Photo Finish
272-Gotta Catch Ya Later!
273-Hoenn Alone!
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Season 6-Advanced
274-Get The Show On The Road
275-A Ruin With A View
276-There's No Place Like Hoenn!
277-You Never Can Tailow
278-In The Knicker Of Time
279-A Poached Ego
280-Tree's A Crowd
281-A Tail With A Twist
282-Taming Of The Shroomish
283-You Said A Mouthful
284-A Bite To Remember
285-The Lotad Lowdown
286-All Things Bright And Beautifly!
287-All In A Day's Wurmple!
288-Gonna Rule The School
289-Winner By A Nosepass!
290-Stairway To Devon!
291-On A Wingull And A Prayer!
292-Sharpedo Attack!!
293-Brave The Wave
294-Which Wurmple Is Which?
295-A Hole Lotta Trouble!
296-Gone Corphishin'
297-A Corphish Out Of Water!
298-A Mudkip Mission
299-Turning Over A Nuzleaf!
300-A Three Team Scheme!
301-Seeing Is Believing!
302-Ready, Willing And Sableye!
303-A Meditite Fight!
304-Just One Of The Geysers!
305-Abandon Ship!
306-Now That's Flower Power!
307-Having A Wailord Of A Time!
308-Win, Lose Or Drew!
309-The Spheal Of Approval
310-Jump For Joy!
311-A Different Kind Of Misty!
312-A Poke'block Party!
313-Watt's With Wattson?
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Season 7-Advanced Challenge
314-What You Seed Is What You Get!
315-Love At First Flight!
316-Let Bagons Be Bagons!
317-The Princess And The Togepi!
318-A Togepi Mirage!
319-Candid Camerupt
320-I Feel Skitty!
321-Zig Zag Zangoose
322-Maxed Out!
323-Pros And Con Artists!
324-Come What May!
325-Cheer Pressure
326-Game Winning Assist!
327-Fight For The Meteorite!
328-Poetry Commotion!
329-Going, Going, Yawn!
330-Going For A Spinda!
331-All Torkoal, No Play!
332-Manectric Charge!
333-Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
334-Disaster Of Disguise!
335-Disguise Da Limit!
336-Take The Lombre Home!
337-True Blue Swablu!
338-Gulpin It Down!
339-Exploud And Clear!
340-Go, Go Ludicolo!
341-A Double Dilemma!
342-Love, Petalburg Style!
343-Balance Of Power!
344-A Six Pack Attack!
345-The Bicker The Better
346-Grass Hysteria!
347-Hokey Pokeballs
348-Whishcash And Ash
349-Me, Myself And Time
350-A Fan WIth A Plan
351-Cruisin' For A Losin'
352-Pearls Are A Spoinks Best Friend!
353-That's Just Swellow
354-Take This House And Shuppet
355-A Shroomish Skirmish
356-Unfair Weather Friends
357-Who's Flying Now?
358-Sky High Gym Battle!
359-Lights, Camerupt, Action
360-Crazy As A Lunatone
361-The Garden Of Eatin'!
362-A Scare To Remember!
363-Pokeblock, Stock And Berry!
364-Lessons In Lilycove!
365-Judgement Day!
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Season 8-Advanced Battle
366-Clamperl Of Wisdom
367-The Relicant Really Can
368-The Evolutionary War
369-Training Wrecks
370-Gaining Groudon
371-The Scuffle Of Legends
372-It's Still Rocket Roll To Me
373-Solid As A Solrock
375-Vanity Affair
376-Where's Armaldo
377-A Cacturne For The Worse
378-Claydol Big And Tall
379-Once In A Mawile
380-Beg, Burrow And Steal
384-The Great Eight Fate
383-Do I Hear A Ralts
382-Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snorunt
381-Absol-ute Disaster
385-Eight Aint Enough
386-Showdown At Linoone
387-Who What When Where Wynaut
388-Date Expectations
389-Mean With Envy
390-Pacifidlog Jam
391-Berry Berry Interesting
392-Less Is Morrison
393-The Ribon Cup Caper
394-Hi Ho Silver Wind
396-Deciet And Assist
397-Rhapsody In Drew
398-Island Times
399-Like A Meowth To A Flame
400-Saved By The Beldum
401-From Brags To Riches
402-Shocks And Bonds
403-A Judgement Brawl
404-Choose It Or Lose It
405-At The End Of The Fray
406-The Scheme Team
407-The Right Place At The Right Mime
408-A Real Cleffa Hanger
409-Numero Uno Articuno
410-The Symbol Of Life
411-Hooked On Onyx
412-Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
413-On Cloud Arcanine
414-Sitting Psyduck
415-Hail To The Chef
416-Caterpies Big Dilemma
417-The Saffron Con
418-A Hurdle For Squirtle
419-Pasta La Vista
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Season 9-Battle Frontier
420-Fear Factor Phony!
421-Sweet Baby James
422-A Chip Off The Old Brock
423-Wheel Of Frontier
424-May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
425-Weekend Warrior
426-An Olden Pond
427-Tactics Theatrics!!
428-Reversing The Charges
429-The Green Guardian
430-From Cradle To Save!
431-Time Warp Heals All Wounds!
432-Queen Of The Serpentine
433-Off The Unbeaten Path!
434-Harley Rides Again!
435-Odd Pokemon Out
436-Spontaneous Combusken
437-Cutting The Ties That Bind
438-Ka-Boom With A View
439-King And Queen For A Day
440-Curbing The Crimson Tide
441-What I Did For Love
442-Three Jynx And A Baby
443-Talking A Good Game
444-Second Time's The Charm
445/446-Pokemon Ranger-Deoxys Crisis!
447-All That Glitters Is Not Golden
448-New Plot, Odd Lot
449-Going For Choke
450-The Ole' Berate And Switch
451-Grating Spaces!
452-Battling The Enemy Within
453-Slaking Kong
454-May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
455-Thinning The Hoard
456-Channeling The Battle Zone
457-Aipom And Circumstance
458-Strategy Tommorow, Comedy Tonight!
459-Duels Of The Jungle
461-The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing!
462-Pinch Healing!
463-Gathering The Gang Of Four!
464-Pace, The Final Frontier!
465-Once More With Reeling
466-Home Is Where The Start Is!
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Season 10-Diamond And Pearl
467-Following A Maiden's Voyage!
468-Two Degrees Of Seperation
469-When Pokemon Worlds Collide
470-Dawn Of A New Era!
471-Gettin' Twiggy With It
472-Different Strokes For Different Blokes
473-Like It Or Lup It
475-Setting The World On It's Buneary!
476-Not On MY Watch Ya Don't!
477-Mounting A Coordinators Assault
478-Arrival Of A Rival
479-A Staravia Is Born
480-Leave It To Brocko!
481-A Shape Of Things To Come
482-A Gruff Act To Follow
483-Wild In The Streets
484-O'er the Rampardos We Watched!
485-Twice Smitten, Once Shy!
486-Mutiny In The Bounty!
487-Ya We Want To See An Evolution!
488-Borrowing On Bad Faith!
489-Faced With Steelix Determination!
490-Cooking Up A Great Story!
491-Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!
492-Getting The Pre-contest Titters!
493-Settling A Not So Old Score!
494-Drifloon On The Wind
495-Champ Twins
496-Some Enchanted Sweetening!
497-The Grass Type Is Always Greener
498-An Angry Combeenation!
500-Buizel Your Way Out Of This
501-An Elite Meet And Greet
502-A Secret Sphere Of Influence
503-A Grass Managerie
504-One Big Happiny Family!
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Pokemon Chronicles season 11:
01-Legend Of Thunder (1)
02-Legend Of Thunder (2)
03-Legend Of Thunder (3)
04-Pikachu's Winter Vacations
05-A Family That Battle Together, Stays Together
06-Cerulean Blues
07-We're No Angels
08-Showdown At The Oak Corral
09-The Blue Badge Of Courage
11-A Date With Delcatty
12-Celebi And Joy
13-Training Daze
14-Journey To The Starting Line
15-Putting The Air Back In Aerodactyl
16-Luvdisk Is A Many Splendored Thing
17-Those Darned Electabuzz
18-Search For The Legend
19-Of Meowth And Pokemon
20-Trouble In Big Town
21-Big Meowth, Little Dreams
22-Pikachu's Winter Vacation
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